USGA-ASGCA Site Evaluation Program

Welcome to the web page for the USGA-ASGCA Site Evaluation Program for golf course owners/operators interested in ensuring that the design, agronomics and operation of their course offer a high-quality, sustainable product for their customers and remain an integral asset of the local community.

The Site Evaluation Program provides pro bono consulting services by ASGCA members and USGA agronomists to evaluate golf facilities and offer guidance to improve the playability of their courses and enhance the efficiency of their maintenance practices. ASGCA member consultants will follow up their one-day visits with an advisory site evaluation report.


The ASGCA and USGA will choose the facilities that demonstrate both a need and a willingness to carry out the recommendations provided by the experts. The selected facilities are expected to make their best efforts to carry out the recommendations. In addition to providing the information requested in the application, facilities interested in the program may need to answer additional questions and/or take part in a call or site visit as part of the application review process.

The selection process will be based on a variety of criteria, including how many applications are submitted and overall program resources (financial and availability of participating architects). An important requirement of the program is that facilities need to be accessible to the public.

To facilitate the administration efforts and review of the applications, the ASGCA and USGA will be selecting facilities for the program three times a year. To ensure that your application is reviewed in a timely fashion, please submit your complete application prior to the applicable deadlines:

March 15
August 15
December 15

Site Visit, Report and Follow-Up

For facilities that have been chosen, an ASGCA member architect and USGA agronomist will make a site visit within three months of selection in order to study the course design, agronomics and operations. The date of the site visit will be mutually agreed upon by the facility, USGA and ASGCA. The ASGCA and USGA will employ up-to-date research and data, advanced tools and a comprehensive knowledge base in order to provide an analysis and recommendations for the facility managers.

This report will reflect the goals and desired outcome stated by the facility. The report may comprise analysis and recommendations in one or more of the following areas: course design, agronomics and maintenance practices, and operations. The analysis will identify several key areas for improvement and outline metrics that will help the facility achieve their goals and track the outcomes of the improvements. This summary report will be sent to the facility within four to six weeks of the site visit.

The program includes a site evaluation and a summary report, but there will be no funding for implementation. Acting on the recommendations outlined in the report is the sole responsibility of the facility. Therefore, the summary report will be commensurate with the resources available to the facility as well as the scope of the desired outcomes.

It is the expectation of the USGA and the ASGCA that the facility will act on some or all of the recommendations provided by the ASGCA member architect and USGA agronomist. Depending on the nature of the improvement being performed, the facility will be expected to track and report the outcomes of the improvements that have been made.

To apply, click on the button below to go to the application form. If you have any questions regarding the application or anything else related to the program, email

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