Supporting the Growth of The Game of Golf

By supporting causes that shine light on the environmental, economic, and social benefits of golf courses and welcome new players, the ASGCA Foundation supports the health of the game of golf.

Forward Tee Initiative

The ASGCA Foundation and U.S. Kids Golf Foundation teamed up to develop a system that increases course playability and golfer enjoyment. The program helps golf course operators strategically expand existing tee complexes and, as a result, increase rounds and improve pace of play. The goal is for all players to enjoy the game while maintaining the design integrity and challenge of the layout.

Course owners and operators work with ASGCA members to add multiple tee locations – as many as seven per hole – at yardages that encourage players to tee off from locations based on how far they carry their drive.

The First Tee Initiative

The ASGCA Foundation partners with local chapters of The First Tee to provide college scholarships to deserving high school students.

Scholarship recipients from The First Tee are invited to attend the ASGCA Annual Meeting to play golf with our members, learn how math and science is applied to golf course design and attend an awards banquet.

Welcoming New Players

The ASGCA Foundation supports the collaborative efforts of organizations across the industry working to give more people access to golf and to make the game more welcoming. Among those supported is the National Alliance for Accessible Golf.

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